Naloxone: An important tool, but not the solution to the opioid crisis
Nov 30, 2017 By
A person who receives naloxone for an overdose is typically observed for several hours in a hospital’s emergency department and then discharged, but what happens to them after that? ED staff at a Boston hospital studied the survival rate ...
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Looking under the hood: How brain science informs addiction treatment
Nov 15, 2017 By
Treatment of substance use disorders starts with the clinicians who see patients directly, but the ongoing search for more effective treatment options that will help the widest range of people begins with brain science.
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Addiction, the opioid crisis, and family pain
Nov 2, 2017 By
The changes in understanding around substance use disorders are making treatment more readily available to those who need it and reducing the stigma attached to addiction, but may make those with addiction in their family history feel that the ...
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