Opioids in the household: “Sharing” pain pills is too common
Feb 27, 2018 By
Many people have taken a friend’s or family member’s pain medication on occasion, but the ongoing opioid crisis has drawn attention to such behavior, forcing doctors, hospice workers, and other care providers to tighten their procedures and track quantities ...
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How to welcome back a colleague who is in recovery
Feb 15, 2018 By
If a colleague has been absent from work for treatment of a substance use disorder, that person’s return to work may be awkward or uncomfortable, and coworkers may feel similarly. Empathy, understanding, and a willingness to listen will help ...
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Expert advice on how to quit smoking
Feb 8, 2018 By
People who are serious about quitting smoking want to know the most effective methods for doing so. For most people this is likely to be a combination of behavior strategies and medications, including nicotine replacement products that can be ...
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When gambling might be a problem
Feb 2, 2018 By
Excessive gambling is now recognized as an addictive disorder by the American Psychological Association. Asking yourself if gambling has adversely affected your life is a good way to determine whether it’s a problem that needs treatment.
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