Binge drinking continues to rise — particularly among women and seniors
Mar 26, 2018 By
Data from several surveys indicate that the percentage of women who drink has been increasing for decades. The numerous health effects associated with alcohol consumption mean that women should be especially attentive to how much they drink.
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5 myths about using Suboxone to treat opiate addiction
Mar 20, 2018 By
The medication Suboxone has helped many people who are addicted to opiates, but even within the addiction treatment community there are misunderstandings about this drug and its effects on the brain.
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6 keys to finding a high-quality addiction treatment center
Mar 6, 2018 By
With over 14,500 substance use disorder treatment centers in the United States, it is challenging to assess which ones offer quality treatment, here are 6 ways to help you evaluate them.
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