Lofexidine: Another option for withdrawal from opioids, but is it better?
Jun 6, 2018 By
The FDA recently approved lofexidine for opioid withdrawal symptoms, but it may not work better than standard treatments; however, it is a good option for people who intend to use extended-release naltrexone.
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Silent no more: Suicide is epidemic
May 23, 2018 By
The rate of suicide has been rising for two decades, alongside the increase in drug overdose deaths, yet we have been reluctant to discuss how these deaths are related and preventable. Our health care system can do better to ...
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Access to medical marijuana reduces opioid prescriptions
May 9, 2018 By
While the debate over the use of medical marijuana continues, two new studies have found that opioid prescriptions declined in states where medical marijuana is legal, and opioid overdose deaths also declined in those states.
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“Buyer beware” when it comes to addiction treatment
Apr 25, 2018 By
As the need for treatment and recovery services for substance use issues remains high, it’s important to be aware that not all facilities conduct themselves ethically. Some centers take advantage of the vulnerability of their patients to mislead or ...
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Supporting physicians’ buprenorphine waiver training, starting in the ER
Apr 11, 2018 By
With the opioid crisis continuing to claim lives, encouraging doctors to get the special training to prescribe buprenorphine in emergency departments is a step that could help many people with substance use disorders get access to an effective treatment ...
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Binge drinking continues to rise — particularly among women and seniors
Mar 26, 2018 By
Data from several surveys indicate that the percentage of women who drink has been increasing for decades. The numerous health effects associated with alcohol consumption mean that women should be especially attentive to how much they drink.
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5 myths about using Suboxone to treat opiate addiction
Mar 20, 2018 By
The medication Suboxone has helped many people who are addicted to opiates, but even within the addiction treatment community there are misunderstandings about this drug and its effects on the brain.
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6 keys to finding a high-quality addiction treatment center
Mar 6, 2018 By
With over 14,500 substance use disorder treatment centers in the United States, it is challenging to assess which ones offer quality treatment, here are 6 ways to help you evaluate them.
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Opioids in the household: “Sharing” pain pills is too common
Feb 27, 2018 By
Many people have taken a friend’s or family member’s pain medication on occasion, but the ongoing opioid crisis has drawn attention to such behavior, forcing doctors, hospice workers, and other care providers to tighten their procedures and track quantities ...
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