Working through workplace stigma: Coming back after an addiction
Jan 15, 2018 By
For many people, the most significant challenge when returning to the workplace after treatment for a substance use disorder is overcoming the doubts that coworkers may have about working with an addict. But doubt may weigh just as heavily ...
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Addiction, the opioid crisis, and family pain
Nov 2, 2017 By
The changes in understanding around substance use disorders are making treatment more readily available to those who need it and reducing the stigma attached to addiction, but may make those with addiction in their family history feel that the ...
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Words matter: The language of addiction and life-saving treatments
Aug 15, 2016 By
The challenges of drug addiction are compounded by stigmatizing language and incorrect perceptions about the medications used in addiction treatment. Viewing addiction as a disease and likening it to other chronic diseases can help remove the negative connotations from ...
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