Pain Management

Access to medical marijuana reduces opioid prescriptions
May 9, 2018 By
While the debate over the use of medical marijuana continues, two new studies have found that opioid prescriptions declined in states where medical marijuana is legal, and opioid overdose deaths also declined in those states.
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Too many pain pills after surgery: When good intentions go awry
Sep 11, 2017 By
The opioid epidemic has had a devastating effect on lives. There are many factors behind this crisis, some of which may be surprising. A reasonable and well-intentioned effort to reduce and relieve pain can inadvertently lead to a potentially ...
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Treating pain after opioid addiction: A personal story
Apr 7, 2017 By
What happens when a person who was addicted to opiates is injured and needs pain medication? A doctor who is in recovery has firsthand experience.
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The “right” goal when managing pain
Dec 18, 2015 By
When it comes to pain management, focusing only on reducing the intensity of pain may lead to treatments that do as much harm as good. Ideally, pain-management plans should be tailored to each patient and include a range of ...
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