Lofexidine: Another option for withdrawal from opioids, but is it better?
Jun 6, 2018 By
The FDA recently approved lofexidine for opioid withdrawal symptoms, but it may not work better than standard treatments; however, it is a good option for people who intend to use extended-release naltrexone.
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“Buyer beware” when it comes to addiction treatment
Apr 25, 2018 By
As the need for treatment and recovery services for substance use issues remains high, it’s important to be aware that not all facilities conduct themselves ethically. Some centers take advantage of the vulnerability of their patients to mislead or ...
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6 keys to finding a high-quality addiction treatment center
Mar 6, 2018 By
With over 14,500 substance use disorder treatment centers in the United States, it is challenging to assess which ones offer quality treatment, here are 6 ways to help you evaluate them.
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How to welcome back a colleague who is in recovery
Feb 15, 2018 By
If a colleague has been absent from work for treatment of a substance use disorder, that person’s return to work may be awkward or uncomfortable, and coworkers may feel similarly. Empathy, understanding, and a willingness to listen will help ...
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Comparing medications to treat opioid use disorder
Jan 8, 2018 By
While there are two medications used to treat opioid use disorder that can be prescribed on an outpatient basis, a study comparing them found interesting differences in treatment results.
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When a loved one is addicted to opiates
May 5, 2017 By
Considering the death toll from opioid overdoses, responding to loved one’s opioid addiction love and empathy might be the safer and more effective method for friends and families to take. At the same time, It is essential to pay ...
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Treating pain after opioid addiction: A personal story
Apr 7, 2017 By
What happens when a person who was addicted to opiates is injured and needs pain medication? A doctor who is in recovery has firsthand experience.
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Words matter: The language of addiction and life-saving treatments
Aug 15, 2016 By
The challenges of drug addiction are compounded by stigmatizing language and incorrect perceptions about the medications used in addiction treatment. Viewing addiction as a disease and likening it to other chronic diseases can help remove the negative connotations from ...
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