Workplace Health

How to welcome back a colleague who is in recovery
Feb 15, 2018 By
If a colleague has been absent from work for treatment of a substance use disorder, that person’s return to work may be awkward or uncomfortable, and coworkers may feel similarly. Empathy, understanding, and a willingness to listen will help ...
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Working through workplace stigma: Coming back after an addiction
Jan 15, 2018 By
For many people, the most significant challenge when returning to the workplace after treatment for a substance use disorder is overcoming the doubts that coworkers may have about working with an addict. But doubt may weigh just as heavily ...
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Working on addiction in the workplace
Jun 30, 2017 By
Addiction among employees costs American businesses billions each year, so it’s in employers’ interest to promote a healthy, drug-free workplace and facilitate treatment for those employees who seek it.
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